Now Teaching Trumpet!

To celebrate my new trumpet students I’ve been practicing the darn thing! Today I’m doing scales in half notes and then triads (in quarter notes) with a tonic drone. I started on E, doing the descending then ascending scales, then ascending triads down and up. I’m going to do at least to Bb after I finish this break. I also have a solo gig coming up and will work on my set list and several songs for that this afternoon.


Symphonic Trombonist on the Western Slope

Tim Breckon of Tbones Publishing is an experienced performer. His worldwide experience includes Italian Opera orchestras in Tuscany, the principal trombone chair of the Boulder Symphony Orchestra, and premiere performances in Australia. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern, Abstract, and Pops performances across Colorado, Indiana, and California are also amongst his experience.

Tim’s performance undergraduate degree from the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music and his Master of Music from Ball State University in Indiana certify his experience further with historic understanding of the connection between the works of the past and the audiences of today. Contact Tim via the form below or seek out his phone number on the Tbones Publishing ASCAP Facebook page.